Asset Management

HSBC Saudi Arabia is one of the leading asset managers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has a long track record of managing investments in the country having launched its first mutual fund in the early 1990’s. At HSBC Saudi Arabia, we believe the future of investment lies in our ability to tailor solutions to fit our individual clients' needs. Our management structure ensures we have knowledge, skills and resources to meet our clients' needs locally while simultaneously leveraging HSBC's global presence and scale.

We offer a comprehensive set of investment solutions which include both domestic and overseas investment opportunities across different asset classes through Mutual Funds and Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

Our Family of Funds offers a wide range of products with 21 funds providing investment opportunities in equities, money markets, fixed income and real estate asset classes with broadly diversified strategies and regional or sector focus. We also provide the largest selection of local equity-based mutual funds.

In addition to a choice of Mutual Funds, HSBC Saudi Arabia offers Discretionary Portfolio Management Services for private, corporate and institutional clients in both local and international markets. These are managed by a specialized investment management team with excellent credentials and extensive expertise.

HSBC Mutual Funds Factsheets


Our 19 Funds offer a wide range of products providing investment opportunities in equities, money markets & bonds with broadly diversified strategies & regional/sector focus.

Know Your Rights


You are required to read the Fund’s terms and conditions before you take a decision to buy units in any investment fund. These constitute the contract between you & the fund manager.

Our Global Reach


We have a worldwide network of asset management offices focused on providing our clients with service excellence and investment solutions.

Mutual Funds Prices

Mutual Funds Prices

Mutual Funds Prices

Mutual Funds Prices