HSBC International Equity Funds

HSBC Global Equity Index Fund from HSBC aims to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in a well-diversified global portfolio of Shariah Compliant equities.The Fund endeavors to closely track the Dow Jones Islamic Market Titans 100 Index by investing in the component of the Index.

Fund Objective:

To provide long-term appreciation of capital through investment in a well-diversified portfolio of Shariah Compliant equities listed worldwide. The equities are constituent on the Dow Jones Islamic Market Index Titan 100.

Fund Manager:

HSBC's Asset Management Division, will manage the Global Equity Index Fund. The Fund aims to track the performance of the Dow Jones Islamic Market Titans 100 Index through a conservative full replication strategy.

Currency US Dollars
Minimum Investment Subscription USD 2,000
Issue Price USD 10 per share
Fund Type Open Ended
Management Fee and Charges 1.55% p.a
Cut off time for receiving subscription/Redemption Applications Before Close of Business Monday & Wednesday for Tuesday & Thursday valuations, respectively.




HSBC GCC Equity Fund is a Shariah Compliant, actively managed, open-ended equity investment fund sponsored by HSBC. The Fund will seek long-term returns from capital growth through investment in Shariah Compliant equities listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange and shares available to foreign investors on the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain stock exchanges.


HSBC GCC Equity Fund strives to provide medium to long-term capital growth through the investment in GCC equity markets that include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. The Fund will invest in equities that conform to Shariah Guidelines as set by the Shariah Supervisory Committee of HSBC.

Geographic Allocation (based on Market Capitalization):

Saudi being the largest in the GCC market comprises almost 63% of the total regional allocation.

Fund Manager HSBC Asset Management
Type Open Ended
Currency SAR
Minimum Initial Subscription SAR 5,000
Minimum Additional Subscription SAR 2,500
Valuation Day Monday & Wednesday
Cut off time Before Close of Business on Sunday & Tuesday for Monday & Wednesday Valuations, respectively.
Subscription Fee 2.00%
Management Fee 2.30% per annum
Launch Price SAR 10

HSBC GCC Equity Income Fund:

HSBC GCC Equity Income Fund is managed by HSBC Saudi Arabia's investment team that has an established track record of managing investments in the GCC region. The Fund will be governed by the Investment Funds Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority (CMA).

Fund Objective: 

The Fund is an open-ended Shariah Compliant fund that seeks to provide income as well as capital appreciation through the investment in equities of companies listed on GCC stock markets that offer sustainable dividend yields and/or the potential for dividend growth over the long-term.

Investment Manager HSBC Saudi Arabia
Type Open Ended
Currency SAR
Minimum Subscription SAR 5,000
Valuation Day Monday & Wednesday
Subscription Fee Up to 2%
Management Fee 1.70% Annually

Freestyle Investing:-

Total return-driven:

  • Aiming to achieve consistently good returns, in bull as well as in bear markets
  • The portfolio is fully invested, except when stocks are deemed not attractive enough

No benchmark constraints:

  • Investing in companies, not in market return
  • Single country maximum allocation 70%, no sector and market capitalization constraints

A concentrated portfolio or our preferred stocks:

  • Stock selection looks for best ideas (stocks with sound fundamentals and room to grow)
  • Country portfolios are kept lean

 Fund objective:- 

The fund aims to provide capital appreciation through investing in a well-diversified portfolio of investments in shares of Indian and Chinese companies over a long period of five years and above.

The fund seeks long-term returns from capital growth through investing in a well diversified portfolio of investments in shares of Indian and Chinese companies which have their registered office in, and/or with an official listing on a major stock exchange or other regulated market of India or China, as well as those companies which carry out preponderant part of their business activities in India or China.

Fund Manager HSBC Saudi Arabia
Base Currency US Dollar
Valuation Every Monday & Thursday
Minimum Subscription USD 2,000
Subscription Fee 2%
Management Fees 2.30% per year