We are proud to be the managers of the Brokerage Services which deals in capital markets, custody and the management of securities. Together, we provide our customers with tailored domestic and international equity brokerage services and margin lending facilities, in addition to acting as brokers for the exchange-traded futures and options.

The brokerage operations are run from investment centres located throughout the Kingdom and are renowned for quality of service, order execution and ability to settle business in all major markets.

More about Brokerage

We offer our clients access to the Saudi Stock exchange through the latest technologically-enhanced channels, which include the following:
Online services: We have implemented the most advance technology with the most convenient method of trading and efficient mechanism for research. They are:

HSBC Tadawul

HSBC Tadawul Plus

HSBC Mubasher

Direct Investment Centre: We offer customers access to the market through our toll free investment call centre, which is equipped with certified brokers , whom are ready to assist with any trading transactions and inquiries.

Investment Branches: Our vast network of branches, located throughout the Kingdom, provide first class customer care and service, while ensuring no less than the utmost satisfaction.

We provide tailored brokerage solutions for clients seeking efficient services while investing on a global basis.


We offer full access to global primary and secondary markets, covering USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, and Hong Kong and NASDAQ Dubai.

Our new Online platform (HSBC GCC and International) offers various features covering all investment transactions from money transfers & portfolio access, to online trading services for GCC Markets covering Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Muscat, Kuwait and Bahrain.

As we always strive to meet our customers needs and investment requirements, we are pleased to provide Saudi bond (Sukuk) market trading.
Through this service, customers can easily buy and sell Saudi listed bonds (Sukuk) through our specialized team of brokers.
For more information please call - 920 022 688
For Brokerage Services: 920 015 353
Overseas: 00966 920 015 353 or 00966 11 299 2112