Investment Banking Advisory

HSBC’s Investment Banking Advisory is one of Saudi’s prominent advisors on Equity Capital Markets (ECM), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and related strategic matters with a leading market position in ECM and M&A transactions over the last decade.

HSBC’s Investment Banking Advisory has been rewarded with a number of prestigious awards throughout the years.

The Investment Banking Advisory team consists of highly qualified professionals with both local and international expertise who support businesses and organisations at key stages in their development, through different products.

HSBC Investment Banking Advisory has a notable presence across equity issuances, through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and follow-on rights issues since the IPO market commenced in KSA in 2003.

Having completed 24 public issuances as of end-2015, HSBC investment Banking Advisory has completed more public issuances than any other competitor within the Kingdom.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The growing Saudi market is becoming an attractive option for businesses to obtain capital and create liquidity for shareholders. Therefore, HSBC is committed on supporting business and their management through every phase of the Initial Public Offering process, ensuring that companies meet all of your objectives. HSBC’s vast experience allows provision of financial advisory and lead manager services on all aspects of the IPO process, including:
Structuring and advising on all aspects of the Offering

  • Structuring and advising on all aspects of the Offering

  • Setting up a syndicate of co-managers to implement the Offering

  • Supporting in preparation of the Offering documents

  • Evaluating the IPO entity and advising on pricing and allocation

  • Leading the distribution process and managing co-managers

  • Providing underwriting services

  • Establishing a share registry

  • Liaising with government authorities and obtaining regulatory approvals

For companies already listed on the stock market, HSBC can provide advice and assistance on raising capital by offering new shares to existing shareholders via rights issues. Guiding the client through the entire process, HSBC'€™s team can help in areas including:

  • Structuring the Offering

  • Supporting in preparation of the Offering documents

  • Due diligence

  • Assisting in obtaining regulatory approvals

  • Executing the Offering

HSBC can advise and assist you through all aspects of the Private Placement process, and will support your business and its management from outset to completion. HSBC'€™s services include:

  • Structuring and advising on all aspects of the offering

  • Pricing and allocation

  • Assisting in obtaining regulatory approvals

  • Drawing up a shortlist of strategic/financial Investors

  • Supporting in preparation of the Offering documents

  • Roadshows

  • Due diligence

  • Executing the Offering

HSBC Saudi Arabia'€™s unique positioning and vast local and international network, allows it to best serve its clients M&A requirements, in a wide array of highly specialized sectors and provides to both its public and private clients opportunities across the world.

Furthermore, HSBC can advise on and assist with all types of Mergers and Acquisitions, including:

  • Mergers between public and private companies

  • Acquisitions of minority or majority stakes in companies

  • Joint ventures

  • Strategic alliances

And HSBC's experienced team will guide you through the entire transaction process, offering the following services along the way:

  • Developing a strategy and devising a plan for the proposed transaction

  • Formulating an acquisition strategy

  • Assisting in obtaining regulatory approvals

  • Preparing transaction documents, synergy, valuation and pricing reports

  • Negotiating with the target entity

  • Advising on implementation of plans

HSBC is the market leader in terms of closed M&A deals having advised on over 20 transactions with relevant and recent experience in the sector.