HSBC Saudi Arabia announces the termination of HSBC Global Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Dear Customer,

HSBC Saudi Arabia would like to notify the unitholders of HSBC Global Emerging Markets Equity Fund (the “Fund”) of the termination of the Fund.

The notification period will be 21 working days from 25/4/2021 G which will expire on 27/5/2021 G. No new subscription requests to the Fund will be accepted during this period. In case of failing to redeem during the notification period, the Fund Manager, after the expiry of the notification period, will sell and liquidate the Funds’ assets and the proceeds will be deposited into the accounts of the unitholders.

The Fund Manager suggests to reinvest the proceeds from the redemption in other funds of HSBC Saudi Arabia.

For more information, please visit HSBC Saudi Arabia center or call our customer care at 920022688



HSBC Saudi Arabia