Human Resources

 If you are interested in exploring career opportunities in HSBC Saudi Arabia, please visit the website below and apply:



The HSBC Group is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. HSBC Saudi Arabia is the HSBC Group's Investment Banking arm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia providing a full range of corporate finance services including investment banking, advisory, debt and project finance as well as Islamic finance. It also manufactures and manages equity and money market funds as well as offering discretionary portfolio management.
One of HSBC's strategic imperatives is to attract, retain and motivate the best people. It is our vision to be recognized as the best employer in the Middle East within the financial sector. HSBC's values identify staff as a key resource, we are therefore, committed to the recruitment of employees on merit and suitability, encouraging them to realize their full potential while developing and rewarding individual performance.
Although we may not be recruiting for a specific position, we will review potential candidates on the basis of vacancies arising in the future.
In the absence of an immediate vacancy, qualifying applications are retained for 12 months. During this period, applicants may be contacted for interviews or proficiency tests.
If you have the right credentials, motivation and the right aptitude to be an active member of this dynamic organization, then we would strongly encourage you to consider a career with HSBC Saudi Arabia because for qualified, self-inspired individuals, this is the right place to be!