HSBC Saudi Arabia Provides Aid to the Down Syndrome Charitable Association

HSBC Saudi Arabia provided financial aid to the Down Syndrome Charitable Association. The association aims to provide an invaluable safety net for families of children with down syndrome in the Kingdom. Services include training and education for mother and child, financial support, urgent relief, help in financing medical care, and helping families with Down syndrome children to achieve maximum independence and social integration for the children through training and rehabilitation and integration services, whether directly or by liaising with relevant institutions.

DSCA is a non-profit organization. The mission of DSCA is to empower parents of children with down syndrome through training, education and general services. Developing individualized rehabilitation and plans for parental involvement and training, In addition to providing referrals, follow up and financial aid for the individual with DS and his/her family.

This aid falls under the company’s ongoing endeavor to give back to the community, believing in the importance of social responsibility and its role in helping individuals by providing sufficient and ongoing support to build a foundation for solidarity in the community, as well as to showcase the role of the private sector in the development of the community.